Monday, 24 April 2017

Studio Randoms - Monday 26 April

After a good Easter we're straight back to business!

Busy, busy...

 "This one's small..."

"...but this one's far away." 

Note carefully parked mini Mini

Pre-digital type 

CJ (Year 1 Illustration) organises his life drawings ready for assessment tomorrow

Lucky life drawing

Here's our new studio currency based on the old, imperial system of the 'house point' 

Here's what a two-to-one tutorial looks like

Danielle's (Year 2 Illustration) beautifully crafted piece 

No idea... 

James' work (Year 1 Illustration) for the final project of the year, which focuses on what the students have learned since they joined the course.

 What it says on the tin...

 Apparently these count as one of the 'five a day'

 Thinking cap on...


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