Monday, 11 July 2016

New Designers
(and illustrators)

We came, we saw, we conquered. Rachel got sore feet.

Grillust's first foray into the world of 'New Designers' is done (previously we were regulars at D&AD's New Blood event but as none of us have tattoo-sleeves or ride penny farthings, we were beginning to feel out of place).

Here's a D&AD representative on hearing the sad news that we were heading elsewhere. Ouch!

New Designers takes place in this grand space (The Design and business Centre, Islington). As well as graphic design and illustration there are graduates from areas such as product and furniture design. It makes for a really interesting visit and the event is a magnet for a variety of industries. It's also a great place to see concept designs for cars that will never be built in a month of Sundays.

Here's the GRaphic Design and ILLUSTrstion space and the group of dorks / graduates who's work adorns it. As you can see, we had a massive bit of real-estate to call our own.

New Designers attracts a huge amount of industry interest. Students manning the stand were never shy of people to talk to. Business cards flew thick and fast and many promising contacts were made.

So that's our London, graduate showcase done and dusted for another year. We all had a hectic / enjoyable time.

Interesting Grillust in London facts 2016:

• Students were served drinks by Phil Jupitas. Turns out he's as much of an arse in real life as he seems on telly.
• They also bumped into Jennifer Saunders, who we assume was out drowning her sorrows after the reception that her absolutely terrible, Absolutely Fabulous, film has received.
• Students saw a woman get her head stuck in the doors of a pneumatically powered wardrobe.
• Boris bikes don't go up hill very well.
• To make a burger into a Brazilian burger you stick a paper brazil flag into the bread.

Friday, 1 July 2016

It's London Graduate Showcase Time (again)

Regular readers of the Blog will know that it's rapidly approaching that time of year when we head to London (a large city somewhere South of Leeds) to exhibit our graduating student's work to industry professionals. Have a look here to see a previous foray to 'the smoke'.

Up until now we have exhibited at D&AD's 'New Blood' exhibition which for the last few years has been housed in the Spitalfields Market in London's East-end. This year however they've moved even further East to a car park in the Truman Brewery (next year we're expecting it to be held in Southend) and this, coupled with many organisational 'issues' emanating from D&AD has resulted in us changing our affiliation to the long-standing New Designers event held at the Business Design Centre in central London. 

Here we can enjoy the benefits of a bigger stand, air-conditioning and frighteningly efficient organisation. 

 The Business Design Centre yesterday

 New Designers 2015 (just look at all that space)!

The show opens on Wednesday 6 July and it runs through to Saturday 9 July.

Opening times as follows:

Wed 3.00–6.30 (VIP & Press Preview)
Thursday 10.00–8.00
Friday 10.00–6.00
Saturday 10.00–5.00

You can find details of how to visit here.

We're on stand VC34 and look forward to meeting friends old and new.

Finally, here's a sneaky peek of an artist's (well Rhiannon's) impression of what our stand will look like (N.B. she's been hitting the Haribo rather heavily of late).

It's Nice That
Maddy's been
selected by
It's Nice That

Recent Grillust graduate, Maddy Mould (an illustrator's name if ever we heard one) was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Penguin Design Awards - that's a pic of her at the event with free wine. Maddy's cover design for 'Emil and the Detectives' (below) was one of ten selected for that title.
The competition was based on three titles this year with ten pieces of work shortlisted for each. Maddy wasn't the final winner but done incredibly well to be shortlisted and as previously mentioned, there was free wine, so it's swings and roundabouts.

Maddy focuses on pattern and print based approaches in her colourful illustration.
Here's her piece of the 2015 Cheltenham Illustration Awards (also shortlisted).

We've just heard from Maddy that she's been selected (again!) by 'It's Nice That' to be part of their annual 'The Graduates' list. Essentially a list of those to watch out for among 2016 graduates.

Keep you eyes on this link to find out more as and when it's posted.

Well done Maddy, on the fine selection of selections.

Maddy will next be seen at that-there London's New Designers Graduate event, where she'll probably be selected for something or other.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Guardian Review Cover
For Illustration Lecturer

As well as recently being awarded 'The most like Wolverine in our house' prize by his 8 year old daughter, Grillust's Illustration lecturer, Dwayne Bell (33) created an illustration for the cover of this week's Guardian Review segment. A very prestigious illustration commission and piece of printed real estate on which to show your work.

The piece was to illustrate an article / review of an upcoming book about a female spy. Fun! The Guardian wanted something that had a hint of pulp spy novel book jackets whilst not being a pastiche

Firstly, here are some, but not all, of the (very) roughs that Dwayne sketched in his omnipresent sketchbook and presented to The Guardian, for discussion with their art editor.
The hi-lighted thumb is the one that was picked to take forward.

Once a direction is decided upon, reference material is needed. Bring out the dressing up box.
Here are the elements that were photographed as drawing reference.

When you've gone to the trouble of getting dressed up and finding the nerf guns, you're not not going to do this, are you!

With Reference photos taken it was time to get down to drawing. The completed drawings along with a selection of scanned textures were taken into photoshop - this is where the magic happened. Sarah (art ed) at The Guardian was kept up to date and offered feedback on all stages of the process. A PDF of the cover blank was provided to offer context.

Working time for the piece was 2 days.
And here's the final piece at is appeared in print.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Exhibition Private View

Saturday 4th June 6.009.00PM

Nice to see Nathan with some clothes on...

The students have got a small shop. Here's Samm (21) giving Mr. Jim (33) the 'hard sell'. 

Judging by their futuristic eye-wear  this couple must be from the future. Dave (33) is zooming in to check if they are kindred spirits or simply 1950's throwbacks.

Boys will be boys... 

 Baxter & Byrne.

The Blackpool massive. 

 From the class of 2015 and now with a successful freelance career, Mr Jake Clarke (33).

 From the class of 2003 Ms. Lynn 'Miss' Greaves and Patrick Bjorkman (both 33). Lynn is one of the country's best art teachers (she don't take no lip from da kids...) and Patrick is a top creative at Equator.

 Lock up your daughters! Here are Nick Dodds and Edwin Burrow, both 33 and both hep to the jive daddy-o!

The Queen of Papcastle, Zoe Garnett-Scott (33) and new P.A. Mr. Ben Pinkney (21).

PLEASE REMEMBER: The exhibition is open to the public Monday 6 – Friday 10 June, from 10.00am – 4.00pm daily.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Instagram, etc.

For the last couple of weeks, 3rd year graphic design and illustration students (all 21) have been busting their humps producing an exhibition "grillustetc." and all of the other stuff that goes alongside it.

There's a good record of their efforts on their Instagram site here so cut along there now and have a look...

Back in the box Fido!

Come final assessment time we're usually wise to any ploys to try and 'secure a better grade' - these 'persuaders' usually come a suitably tangible and tasty form like, for example, meat pies.  However, the bar has now been raised by our very own Shona Lett (21), who really pushed the boat out this year. Well, more accurately, she pushed this cute™puppy into a box for us to open the following week.

The little chap was still chipper after his ordeal and really perked up in the loving hands of 'Uncles' Tony and Dwayne (both 33).

*No puppies were harmed in the production of this blog post. It took ages for Tony and Dwayne to clam down after we took it away from them though.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The End of Year Exhibition is Nearly Upon Us

The smell of fresh emulsion paint combined with the sound of distant hammering can mean only one thing here at Grillust towers - it must be time for the end of year exhibition!

The private view will be held on Saturday 4 June, 6.009.00PM at the Brampton Road Campus, Carlisle CA3 9AY. 

Afterwards the exhibition is open from Monday 6 – Friday 10 June, from 10.00am – 4.00pm daily. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

You can read more about the various arts courses exhibiting here.

The Graphic Design and Illustration students have also been busy creating their own 'ETC' exhibition website here. It showcases all of our year three students' work and contains links to their personal websites.

Here's a sneaky peak of what's been going on in the studio combined with a sample of the many posters designed by the students for their 'ETC' exhibition.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

OS Board and A frames awaiting student work

 Miss Rachel Tunstall (Year 3 Illustration)

Feeling down? Try holding an 'H', it brings a smile to most people's faces.

 Mr. Nathan Linney (Year 3 Graphic Design) - get some clothes on dirty boy!

Samm attempts to screw down Isaac's right hand

Ms. Katie Lock (Year 3 Illustration) 

Simon & Garfunkel Grillust style...

Miss Catt Fearnley (Year 3 Illustration) 

If you're a lover of OS board then oh boy is there'a treat in store for you!

 Master Peter Aspey (Year 3 Graphic Design) 

Can you tell what it is yet?

 Mr. Jake Barker (Year 3 Illustration) 

Mr. Vincent Walden prepares his poster/vegetable barrow. Melons two for a pound!!!

 Mistress Maddy Mould (Year 3 Illustration) 
 Miss Rhian Wood (Year 3 Illustration)